Changing Liferay Password in database

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Note : Use caution while trying this for the production installation. For production, it’s better to use technics like “Forgot Password”

If you forget password for your local admin account in Liferay, then stop the server and run the following command

update user_ set
where userId=10196;

Where mynewpassword is your new password. Now restart the server. This time you should be able to login with your new password. As soon as you login, Liferay should prompt you for password change. Change your password and try to remember it this time 😉

4 thoughts on “Changing Liferay Password in database

  1. mohammad

    Hi dear sir

    that is sql command .and i dont use MySql and as you know it is encrypted so how can i enter command i default liferay detabase ?

    1. Paras

      What is the default liferay database you are talking about? You mean the HSQL database. The password is encrypted that’s why you have to use passwordEncrypted=0 to set password in clear text format


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