Building Web Apps with Spring 3.0 – Meeting notes

This presentation and notes are from the May 2009 Java User group meeting in Twin Cities. You can view the details and download the code from It was an excellent presentation. Bob has discussed about new cool features in Spring 3 and how it simplifies the Spring MVC development. These presentation slides are created by him and all rights lies with him.

  • DispatcherServlet is the central servlet handling requests
  • See slide 7. The request handling takes place in the following order
    1. HTTP Request is first handled by Dispatcher Servlet
    2. DispatcherServlet refers HandlerMapping find the controller which will handle the request
    3. DispatcherServlet sends the request to the Controller. Controller returns view and/or model.
    4. DispatcherServlet refers to ViewResolver to determine the view page based on logical view name
    5. View is rendered
  • Controller hierarchy is deprecated in Spring 3.Just annotation is enough. No need to implement life-cycle methods
  • Flexible method arguments. Flexible return types.
  • Annotations like
    and WebBindingInitializer
  • Convention verses configuration
  • ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping
  • Model and ModelMap
  • Rest SupportStateless, cacheable, scalable, communication protocol
    HTTP Methods – GET, POST, PUT(Idempotent), DELETE(Idempotent), HEAD, OPTIONS
  • Spring 3.0 has REST support

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