Rules within an Enterprise and their management with a BRMS, focus on JRules

I have attended a very nice session at TCJUG back in November 2008( I know I am very late in reporting that).

The speaker DJ Des Jardins made a very strong case for JRules. While there are many open source rule engines available in the market like Drools, JRules stands apart from all those because of its capabilities. If you see the presentation available at the site you can judge by yourself that JRules is simply superior compared to other rule engines when it comes to customization, options and flexibility. Check that out.

However, the slides are not very elaborate. To appreciate the full capabilities of JRules you may want to try it once.

2 thoughts on “Rules within an Enterprise and their management with a BRMS, focus on JRules

  1. Sandeep

    I don’t believe JRules is good. Have you tried Fair Isaac (a.k.a FICO)Blaze Advisor? Blaze is a market leader in BRMS and provides unparalleled performance and flexibility compared to other rule engines available.

  2. Paras

    Thanks for the comment. This post is pretty old. Therefore the features available now can be different. But I was very impressed with the presentation when they had shown the customization. Yes I had downloaded the trial version of FI rule engine in the past. But haven’t used it much.


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