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Grails – Plugin file not found for plugin project

If you have just renamed your Grails plugin project and getting this error “Plugin file not found for plugin project” and wondering – “What’s going on?” Consider this. Grails is based on DRY principle. Convention over configuration. By convention, the plugin descripor file should end in the word “GrailsPlugin” Most… Read more »

Grails Maven Integration

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Note: Information provided in this post may get outdated soon, because Grails, it’s plugin and dependencies gets updated very frequently. Today I was trying to integrate my existing grails application with Maven. I had hard time with it. I referred to the following information The pom generated by… Read more »

Null message in Grails

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I had a domain object Where Rso itself is another domain object. Both projectTitle and rso could not be blank or null. when I tried project.projectTitle.blank message in, it worked but project.rso.null was not working. I was trying project.rso.null because the default message was mapped as default.null.message. Then someone… Read more »

Grails : No domain class found for name domain-class-name . Please try again and enter a valid domain class name

Sometimes, even if you create domain objects in grails you get the error that No domain class found. I am not sure why this happens because I am new to Grails and still learning. But the following steps work for me i) Stop all the running grails app ctrl+C ii)… Read more »