ACloudGuru vs LinuxAcademy Vs CloudAcademy

DISCLAIMER – This post is based on my personal experience. Please let me know if you find any inaccuracy.

DISCLAIMER 2 – This post is not finalized yet. I am going to add comparison for CloudAcademy soon

Pricing ModelYou buy a particular course and you get lifetime access to course contentsYou get access to the website. As long as you have access you can access all the courses
Courses / ContentMostly AWS and cloud related courseWide variety of courses - AWS, Linux, Big Data, Devops, Azure etc
Practice Exams/QuizzesAt the time of writing this blog post it has 1 mini exam, 1 practice exam and 11 quizzes. Almost all topics have quizzesAt the time of writing this blog post it has just two quizzes - overview quiz and S3 quiz and 1 practice exam
LabsCourse videos have labs for most of the topics, you have to follow the video and complete the labCourse has 9 Live Labs . You can launch and do the live lab in the AWS account created by you by the course



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